8/25/15 Why I Do Science: Stephen Palumbi, KQED Education   Stanford Report

8/16/15 Q&A with Joe Wible, retiring after 33 years with Stanford Libraries, Stanford Daily

8/14/15 What Are the Odds? Long, Most Likely, Wall Street Journal

8/12/15 Larry Crowder's paper named one of the most significant by Ecological Society of American, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

7/22/15 ‘Big Blue’ broadcast could be boon for Pacific Grove economy, Monterey County Herald

7/20/15 Stanford researchers find prawn solution to spread of deadly disease*, Stanford Report

7/9/15 Stanford researchers show the risk of shark attacks is way down*, Stanford Report
Washington Post   National Geographic
New York Times      Science
Monterey County Herald

6/29/15 Even 'warm' tuna need their favorite foods, Futurity

6/17/15 Special open access issue of journal dedicated to George Somero*, Journal of Experimental Biology

6/11/15 Hopkins scientist researches the collisions between cargo ships and whales*, Monterey County Weekly

6/8/15 The Coast Guard Rescues Endangered Sea Turtles Entangled in Ocean Plastic, takepart

6/4/15 Rafe Sagarin, who merged ecological thinking with national security, dies*, Washington Post

6/1/15 Milestones: Rafe Sagarin*, Monterey County Weekly

5/28/15 A shift to warmer coastal waters signals fishery impacts, possible drought relief, Monterey County Weekly

5/22/15 Fantastic Voyage Finds a Carnival of Creatures in the Ocean's Microcosm*, NBC News

5/12/15 Look Who's Talking: How jumbo squid use color to communicate., Stanford Magazine

5/7/15 BBC, PBS to highlight Monterey Bay rebound, Monterey County Herald

5/7/15 Stanford biologists discover that large whales have nerves that stretch like bungee cords*, Stanford Report

5/4/15 Blue whales lack the ability to avoid cargo ships*, Stanford Report

4/30/15 Little Prawn, Big Data*, Stanford Woods Institute

3/19/2015 Did Neurons Evolve Twice?, Quanta Magazine

3/19/2015 Indonesian Minister of Fisheries speaks at Hopkins on Ocean Sustainability, Center for Ocean Solutions

3/13/2015 Oceans Are Losing Oxygen—and Becoming More Hostile to Life, National Geographic

3/12/2015 Ocean glider helps keep an eye on marine life, Monterey Herald

2/26/2015 Freakish weather on both coasts is related, San Jose Mercury News

2/23/2015 West Coast Scientists Fishing For Solutions To Bluefin Tuna Overfishing*, CBS SF Bay Area

2/19/2015 New app allows public to track great white shark movements*, Weather Network

2/11/2015 Stanford researchers offer bold solutions for managing marine conservation on the high seas*, AAUS EurekAlert   Stanford

1/29/2015 Floating Robot Tech Lets You Track Great White Sharks Swimming Along California Coast In Real Time*, CBS SF Bay Area

1/22/2015 Holy Mackerel: The Monterey Bay catch is a bit of a mystery. And cheap. And delicious., Monterey County Weekly

1/21/2015 Watch Jumbo Squid Speak by 'Flashing' Each Other*, National Geographic   Daily Mail   Huffington Post

1/16/2015 The industrial revolution of the oceans will imperil wildlife*, Stanford Report   New York Times   UC Santa Barbara

1/13/2015 Falling Through The Cracks: Story of the Sawfish*, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment   National Geographic

1/7/2015 Hopkins Marine Station courses canceled this winter due to low enrollment, Stanford Daily

1/2/2015 Researcher Taylor Chapple keeps focus on white sharks*, Santa Cruz Sentinal

12/18/2014 New Science Paints Picture of Salmon Shark Diet, NBC Bay Area

12/10/2014 Tropical invader at center of kelp forest study, Santa Cruz Sentinal

12/10/2014 Researchers use new tools to understand the lives of salmon sharks*, Tagging of Pelagic Predators

12/5/2014 A Sea of Change – Getting the Ocean to say “Ahhhhhhh”, LoaTree

12/2/2014 Stanford engineers find that certain types of underwater waves may harm deep-water organisms, Stanford Engineering News

11/19/2014 Foraging for fish in our own backyard*, KALW Public Radio SF

11/1/2014 Efficient Feeding*, Stanford Magazine

10/22/2014 Marine experts track sharks, which in turn track elephant seals, The Cambrian

9/24/2014 Seawater Desalination Impacts (Dr. Carol Reeb testifies 1:09 into video), California State Assembly Informational Hearing

9/4/2014 Monterey researcher creates SharkPulse smartphone app for shark pictures*, Monterey County Weekly

8/14/2014 Stanford researcher gets first-time look at Antarctic minke whales feeding*, Stanford Report

7/31/2014 Beachings of exotic blue velella tied to wind patterns, San Francisco Chronicle

7/31/2014 4 Ways to Conserve in the Middle of Nowhere, Futurity - Earth and Environment

7/30/2014 Stanford scientists challenge theory on protection of threatened species*, Stanford Report

7/7/2014 Protecting lagoons could be key to saving manta rays, say Stanford scholars*, Stanford Report

6/27/2014 Water samples teeming with information: Emerging techniques for environmental monitoring*, Stanford Report

6/9/14 Steve Palumbi and the quest to save the world's coral reefs*, Stanford News

5/31/14 Alan Baldridge's obituary*, Monterey County Herald

5/28/14 The passing of Alan Baldridge*, Stanford University Libraries News   Monterey County Weekly

5/21/14 The Extreme Life of the Sea: Stephen Palumbi at TEDxStanford*, TEDx Talks

5/20/14 Recent Hopkins graduate Ana Sofia Guerra receives Rolex Scholarship, Power Boat World   Dive Industry News

5/14/14 Marine biologist to discuss 'The Extreme Life of the Sea' at Tech event, San Jose Mercury News

5/13/14 Coral reefs provide protection from storms and rising sea levels*, Stanford Report   Phys.org

5/6/14 Monterey Bay An 'Ocean Buffet Open For Business' This Spring, NPR

4/30/14 Climate change: Pacific Ocean acidity dissolving shells of key species, Monterey County Herald

4/24/14 Some corals adjusting to rising ocean temperatures, Stanford researchers say*, Stanford Report     Nature     NBC News

4/24/14 Monterey scuba divers help collect and map underwater trash, Monterey County Weekly

4/18/14 Diverse gene pool critical for tigers' survival, say Stanford scholars, Stanford Report

4/11/14 Seal pups popping on Pacific Grove beaches, PG Cedar St. Times

3/30/14 A scientist and a novelist walk into a bar...*, Stanford+Connects

3/28/14 Project Showcase: From Chautauqua to Ricketts, Public History Commons

3/17/14 Tuna: Global Bycatch Problem Needs Global Solutions, San Diego State University     Stanford Report

3/1/14 High-Tech Tuna Researcher Uncovers Marvels of the Big Fish*, National Geographic

3/1/14 Tuna: Super Fish, Diver Alert

3/1/14 Quicksilver: prized for sushi, the fast and powerful Atlantic bluefin tuna is being relentlessly overfished, National Geographic

2/27/14 Ana Sofia Guerra Named 2014 North American Rolex Scholar, Dive Industry Association

2/20/14 Stephen Palumbi’s new book celebrates the ocean’s biggest, hottest and fastest*, Monterey County Weekly

2/15/14 West Coast scientists to test kelp for radiation, Monterey County Herald

2/13/14 Researchers find link between oil, heart function; Deepwater Horizon spill under microscope*, Santa Cruz Sentinel      Stanford Report

2/4/14 When Whales and Oil Rigs Meet*, Stanford Woods Institute

1/28/14 A window on the climatic future of the oceans, Research Italy

1/26/14 Whalefest Monterey explores ins and outs of whales, Monterey County Herald

1/8/14 Shark Net app lets users track great whites off California*, Monterey County Herald

11/17/13 UCSC study finds more targeted approach to marine conservation, Monterey County Herald

11/15/13 A Wired Ocean? How Big Data Is Saving Marine Predators*, Forbes

11/9/13 Researchers track great white sharks off Piedras Blancas*, San Luis Obispo Tribune

10/31/13 Charting the world's reefs using drones, Monterey County Herald

10/31/13 Sea Star Wasting Disease Affects Monterey Bay*, Monterey County Weekly

10/29/13 Mapping Human Impacts On Top Marine Predators, RedOrbit      livescience

10/16/13 Stanford drones open way to new world of coral research*, Stanford Report

9/26/13 Coralline alga stands the test of time on shoreline*, Journal of Experimental Biology

9/12/13 Marina-Based Company Builds Devices That Help Scientists Track Ocean Giants, Monterey County Weekly

9/6/13 Scientists Say West Coast Seafood Remains Safe Despite Fukushima Leaks*, Monterey County Weekly

8/9/13 Monterey Bay affected by climate change*, The Herald

7/29/13 Hopkins emeritus librarian, Alan Baldridge, honored by Sam Farr in the Congressional Record.

7/26/13 Stanford researchers discover gene that determines acceptance or rejection of stem cells in an advanced marine invertebrate species*, Stem Cell      Med School      Stanford News

7/25/13 Stanford researchers seek to preserve where the wild things are*, Stanford News

7/17/13 Stanford researchers reveal great white sharks' fuel for oceanic voyages: liver oil*, Stanford Report, Monterey County Herald

7/11/13 Sea otters’ favorite snack may be surprisingly resilient in an acidifying sea*, Monterey County Weekly

7/8/13 Glimpse into the future of acidic oceans shows ecosystems transformed, UC Davis News

6/25/13 Monterey Bay's ecological renaissance*, Sunset Magazine

6/20/13 Two Hopkins faculty awarded grants by the Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford Report

6/20/13 Why You Need To Know The Humboldt Squid: William Gilly at TEDxStanford*, TEDxStanford via YouTube

5/28/13 FYI: What Is The Limit To How Fast A Human Can Run?, Popular Science

5/23/13 Stanford scientists urge action on global climate change*, Stanford Report

5/16/13 Robots help track great white sharks*, ABC News

5/11/13 Gilly to speak at sold-out TEDx Stanford, but free live streaming is available*, TEDx Stanford, Peninsula Press

5/3/13 Tale of the Tuna, Oceanus

4/15/13 Turbulent seas signal sea urchin larvae to settle down*, Stanford Report

4/10/13 Biology professor William Gilly pioneers research about Humboldt squid, Stanford Daily

4/9/13 Surf's up: Turbulence tells sea urchins to settle down, UC Davis News

4/8/13 Stanford seeks sea urchin's secret to surviving ocean acidification*, Stanford Report

3/28/13 Stanford biologist gets a squid's eye view*, Stanford Report, NBC News

3/14/13 Traces of Fukushima radiation help scientists track Pacific bluefin migration, Monterey County Weekly

3/4/13 Stanford scientist uses Fukushima radiation to reveal swimming secrets of Pacific bluefin tuna, Stanford Report

2/20/13 Bluefin Tuna From The Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Still Have Traces Of Radiation*, Forbes,Huffington Post, LA Times

2/6/13 California to consider listing great white sharks as endangered, Sacramento Bee

1/31/13 Pacific Grove librarian chronicles how women trailblazed hands-on science education*, Monterey County Weekly

1/29/13 Are You Eating What You Think You’re Eating?*, Slate

1/10/13 Fishing drives Adriatic shark and ray declines*, Nature Publishing Group

1/8/13 Jumbo squid invade Southern California, KSBY News

1/7/13 Heat-Resistant Corals Provide Clues to Climate Change Survival*, Stanford Woods Institute, Stanford Report

12/31/12 Monterey conservationist, otter advocate Jud Vandevere dies*, Monterey County Herald

12/19/12 Elephant Seal Hauls out at Hopkins Marine Station, Monterey County Weekly

12/14/12 Mystery of mass jumbo squid 'suicides' possibly solved*, NBC News

12/12/12 Squid deaths are a many-tentacled mystery, San Francisco Chronicle

12/11/12 Hundreds Of Squid Wash Ashore Along Santa Cruz County Beaches, KCBS News

12/7/12 Marine Biology class at Hopkins Marine Station, YouTube video

11/26/12 Tracking Large Marine Predators at their “Cafés”, National Geographic News Watch

11/20/12 Into the Blue Serengeti: The migrations of Pacific predators resemble those of African wildlife, Natural History Magazine

11/15/12 Scientists think a third of sea species unknown, San Francisco Chronicle

11/1/12 Humboldt squid in the Monterey Bay*, KSBW News

10/31/12 About 100 squid wash up on Pacific Grove shore, Monterey County Herald

10/23/12 Stanford faculty headline Bay Area Science Festival events, Stanford Report

10/12/12 What happened to the Humboldt squid?, Wired UK, Wired Science

10/9/12 Why I Do Science: Stephen Palumbi, KQED Quest

9/28/12 Debate grows over brine disposal, Santa Cruz Sentinel, Monterey County Herald

9/27/12 Stanford researchers wire kelp forests off California coast*, Stanford Report

9/23/12 Scientists predict major shifts in Pacific ecosystems by 2100*, Stanford Report

9/13/12 Stable Isotope Analysis Challenges Wasp-Waist Food Web Assumptions in an Upwelling Pelagic Ecosystem, Nature Scientific Reports

9/12/12 Ocean acidification and interspecies competition could transform ecosystems*, Stanford Report

8/28/12 Salmon Sharks Washing Ashore Along Central Coast, KION

8/23/12 Laid-back Squid Slow Down When Oxygen Levels Drop, JEB

8/16/12 Solar-Powered Wave Glider Latest Step in Stanford Research ...*, CleanTechnica, ABC News, Stanford News

8/15/12 Ocean health scores 60 out of 100, Stanford assessment finds, Stanford Report

8/14/12 'Shark Week' Scientist: Great Whites 'get a Bad Rap', NBC Today Show

8/2/12 Seafood fraud disguises farmed salmon as wild, tilapia as snapper and sole as sand dabs. What’s on your plate – and how did it get there?, Monterey County Weekly

7/19/12 Marine reserves aide ecosystem recovery after environmental disasters, Stanford researchers find, Stanford Report

7/9/12 Coral reef summit starts with global call to action, Summit County Citizens Voice , The Raw Story, Jacarta Post

6/13/12 Stanford marine biologist Barbara Block wins Rolex Award for Enterprise, Stanford Report , Rolex Awards, Washington Post

6/5/12 Hopkins Director Steve Palumbi in "Ocean Babies on Acid" video, EPOCA , Climate Science TV

5/31/12 Fukushima Radiation May Actually Save Bluefin Tuna, Forbes , Palo Alto Weekly

5/30/12 Knocking on Heaven's Shore: Bluefin Tuna Carrying Safe Fukushima Nuclear Radiation, Carl Safina

5/29/12 Fukushima Radiation in Migrating Bluefin Tuna Expected to Fall, Bloomberg Businessweek , Digital Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, Stanford Report

5/17/12 The Ray and the Coconut: Tracing Life on an Atoll, New York Times , Stanford Report

5/9/12 DNA Fingers Real-Life Captain Ahabs for Precipitous Decline of Gray Whales, Scientific American

5/8/12 Exploring Corals of the Deep*, KQED QUEST

5/1/12 Can Ancient Fish Art Inform Modern Fish Science?, KQED QUEST

4/24/12 Stanford Board of Trustees visit Hopkins Marine Station during retreat, Stanford Report

4/19/12 What Our Brains Have in Common With Acorn Worms, And Other Hopkins Revelations, Monterey County Weekly

4/17/12 Stanford Marine Biologists Share Their Artistic Side, KQED QUEST

3/19/12 Stanford marine biologists search for the world's strongest coral, Stanford Report

3/14/12 Marine worm rewrites theory of brain evolution*, Nature , Stanford Report

2/29/12 World's Second-Biggest Fish Tracked to Surprising Locale, Our Amazing Planet

2/22/12 Humboldt squid's impressive dives, BBC

2/20/12 Squid can fly to save energy, Nature News

2/4/12 Basking shark tracked from Monterey Bay to Baja*, Santa Cruz Sentinel , Monterey County Herald

1/29/12 Oxygen-Starved Waters, Monterey County Herald

1/3/12 Tide Pools & Terrorists, Stanford Magazine

12/22/11 350 square miles of California water soon to be restricted fishing areas, KPCC Public Radio

12/19/11 High-Frequency Dynamics of Ocean pH: A Multi-Ecosystem Comparison, PLoS One

12/8/11 Climate-adapting squid has scientists thrilled, puzzled, KGO-TV

12/1/11 Another Day at the Office: An Aquarium Employee Goes on a Mission to Tag White Sharks, Monterey Bay Aquarium SeaNotes

11/21/11 Shrinkage of Humboldt squid puzzles scientists, San Francisco Chronicle

11/21/11 Dropping ocean oxygen levels concern scientists, KGO-TV

11/17/11 A squid mystery in Mexican waters is unraveled by a Stanford biologist and a class of biology students*, Stanford Report

10/28/11 Take a look inside Hopkins: Ocean research station holds open house, Monterey County Herald

10/5/11 Rare Stranding of Olive Ridley Sea Turtle in Pacific Grove*, MBNMS SIMoN , KSBW News

9/12/11 Rare undersea volcanic vents show oceans' increasing acidity likely to hurt biodiversity, endanger ecosystem stability, Stanford Report

9/7/11 Stanford researcher turns to Roman art for marine conservation*, Stanford Report , Discovery News

8/11/11 Hopkins newest faculty, Larry Crowder, speaks about marine spatial planning in video Ocean Blueprint: Planning for Our Marine Environment*, COS

7/15/11 Overfishing eats away at genetic diversity of fish, New Scientist

7/14/11 Shark and Awe: The Extreme Life of the Sea, Stanford Office of Science Outreach, Audio of complete talk (40MB MP4)

6/30/11 A great awakening: The resurrection of Monterey Bay, Stanford Daily

6/22/11 Tracking top marine predators in a dynamic ocean*, Woods Institute, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle , New York Times , San Jose Mercury News , Monterey County Weekly

6/17/11 Squid Studies: 2011 Sea of Cortez Expedition blog, Scientific American

6/6/11 Coral Reefs: Fighting Back Against Climate Change, Stanford News

6/6/11 COS Reels in New Science Director, Center for Ocean Solutions

6/6/11 Awakening the History of a Chinese Fishing Village, NPR KAZU

6/1/11 "Super Corals" Lend Hope for Reef Survival in Warmer Oceans, CN060111enter for Ocean Solutions

5/19/11 Local fishermen end month-long strike, net bountiful harvests of market squid, Monterey County Weekly

5/18/11 Discovering High Levels of PCBs in Seafood Lauded by Benchley Award, Center for Ocean Solutions, Huffington Post

5/18/11 Heavy rainfall may be linked to sharks' deaths, San Francisco Chronicle, KSBW Action News

5/3/11 'Small fry' fish just as vulnerable to population plunges as sharks or tuna, Stanford Report, Nature News

4/10/11 Work remains in protecting Monterey Bay, author says, Monterey County Herald

4/6/11 Family Science Night: an outreach effort aimed to put scientists in the classroom, Santa Cruz Sentinel

3/8/11 Counting great white sharks - not exactly your traditional census, San Jose Mercury News, Stanford Report

3/5/11 Agencies join forces to track marine animals in Monterey Bay, Monterey County Herald, KION TV

2/15/11 Hopkins graduate students develop science game, The Game Crafter

2/8/11 Why leatherback turtles linger in South Pacific Gyre, Stanford Report

2/4/11 Empire students get look at giant of the sea, Modesto Bee

1/28/11 Important "Ocean Salon" Held in San Francisco, Center for Ocean Solutions

1/21/11 The Great Marlin Race, International Game Fishing Association

1/20/11 Beach Bullies, Monterey County Herald

1/12/11 Seymour Center presents lecture on jumbo squid in Monterey Bay, UC Santa Cruz

12/31/10 Ink as a conspecific alarm cue in squid, Cephalove blog

12/30/10 Biologically inexplicable boom highlights uncertainty about management, Monterey County Weekly

12/10/10 Keen minds focus on storm water issues, Cedar Street Times

11/16/10 "Izzie" Abbott, Hopkins' seaweed science trailblazer, dies at 91, Monterey County Weekly, Monterey County Weekly, Monterey County Herald, Julie Packard tribute, Stanford Report

11/8/10 The Census of Marine Life's Tagging of Pacific Predators (TOPP) Project: 5 Questions for Principal Investigator Randy Kochevar, Encyclopedia Britannica Blog

10/31/10 The Death and Life of Monterey Bay, Mercury News, Monterey County Herald, Stanford Report, Press Page

10/22/2010 Stanford researchers help get your hands on - and in - a Humboldt squid this weekend in Washington, D.C., Stanford News, Stanford Daily, COS Blog

10/21/10 Brand New Bay, Monterey County Weekly, Monterey County Weekly

10/19/10 Tagging tuna in the deep ocean, TED

10/4/10 Exploring How Jumbo Squid Use Oxygen to Survive, U.S. News & World Report

9/22/10 A View of the Ocean from Pacific Predators, Wiley Press

9/21/10 Predicting the impact of climate change, News@Northwestern

9/17/10 Anglers and Stanford scientists join to track marlin swimming unusual migration routes across the equator, Stanford Report

9/17/10 Sharks killing sea otters; 26 attacks since August, Monterey County Herald

8/30/10 Science at 20,000 Leagues, USA Science & Engineering Fesitval

8/29/10 Surfers not scared off by recent shark sightings, San Francisco Examiner

8/23/10 Salmon Sharks Wash Ashore At Local Beaches, KSBW News

8/20/10 Shark-bitten sea otters a reminder that adult great whites are back, Santa Cruz Sentinel

8/17/10 Graduate student uncovers Hopkins' immigrant history, Stanford Report

8/9/10 What Happened to the Humboldt Squid?, KQED Quest

8/9/10 California great white shark population on the rise, like it or not, GrindTV

8/4/10 A "Crystal Ball" For Predicting the Effects of Global Climate Change, American Physiological Society

8/1/10 Great Marlin Race returns to Kona, West Hawaii Today

7/29/10 Jumbo Squid Flash, Flail in First Ever Squid-cam Video, National Geographic News

7/12/10 Large Mouth Shark Population Declining, The Bay Citizen

7/6/10 Finding Your Science: Good idea, bad idea, NSF Video via YouTube

7/1/10 The Comeback Corals, Stanford Magazine

6/30/10 Following the Mercury Trail, TED Talks

6/25/10 John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts manuscripts, correspondences, and other memorabilia sold at auctioned, The Book Haven , The Californian

6/24/10 Tracking down illegal whale meat through DNA*, ABC KGO-TV

6/16/10 Pelagic Shark foundation teams with Hopkins Marine Station to track basking sharks in Monterey Bay, San Jose Mercury News , Monterey County Herald

6/9/10 A tale of two atolls: Stanford researchers study the impact of fishing on remote coral reefs, Stanford Report

6/1/10 Whaling -- Politics, Science & Ethics, Public Radio International

5/28/10 New study maps spawning habitat of bluefin tuna in the Gulf of Mexico: Critical area intersects Deepwater Horizon oil spill, Eureka Alert, Science Daily

5/27/10 TEDxMontrey - Hope for the Oceans; The Recovery of Monterey Bay - Stephen Palumbi

5/27/10 Latest twist in decades-long battle to save the whales, ABC News

5/20/10 Screens and Emerging Tests Indicative of Ecological Hazard (half hour talk by Dave Epel starts 34 minutes into video), UC Berkeley WebCast

5/19/10 Tracking the Trade of Rare Meat, Good Times

5/12/10 Squid "jigging" brings elusive cephalopods up from Sea of Cortez, Scientific American

5/9/10 'Cryptic Species' Offer Scientists a Window into Evolution, Mercury News

4/30/10 Already Imperiled Bluefin Tuna Threatened by Spill, AOL News, NOLA.com

4/20/10 Former Hopkins Marine Station Director John Phillips dead at 84, Stanford Report, Monterey County Herald

4/1/10 Ten posters by Hopkins students and faculty at the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary symposium, Sanctuary Currents Symposium

3/12/10 Interview with Gilly, Leland Quarterly

3/12/10 The Hunt for Humboldts, The Salinas Californian

2/12/10 Colonies: ceramic work based on marine life, Stanford Arts Initiative

2/3/10 Lost leviathans: Hunting the world's missing whales, New Scientist

1/21/10 Stanford DNA study: Hunting minke whales on grounds of overbundance not justified*, Stanford Report

1/18/10 Coconut palms bring ecological change to tropics, Stanford Report, Jack Hubbard/Mark Shwartz

1/9/10 My Struggle with the Red Devil, New Scientist

1/6/10 Fishing for the Humbolt Squid (5+ minute audio slide show)*, The Natural Laboratory

1/6/10 Proposed leatherback turtle habitat includes Monterey Bay, Monterey County Herald

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