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12/1/08 How fast can humans go?, San Jose Mercury News

10/30/08 Monterey Bay researchers discover the endangered turtles' habits, Monterey County Weekly

10/27/08 Sea urchins are strange fertility allies: Study of sperm may yield answers for humans, Monterey County Herald

10/10/08 Stanford researchers launch Short Attention Span Science Theater website, Stanford Press

10/9/08 What Causes Cell Defences To Crumble? Proteins In Mussels Act As Barrier To Toxic Environmental Chemicals, ScienceDaily

10/2/08 Atlantic Tuna Return Thousands Of Miles To Birthplace To Spawn, ScienceDaily      New York Times

10/1/08 Impostor Fish: Misnaming seafood isn't just a ripoff. It's a global phenomenon that's wreaking havoc on ocean conservation., Conservation Magazine

9/5/08 Tuna - Science Friday (text plus downloadable podcast), NPR

9/1/08 Symposium to shine light on what hidden movements of animals tell us and why it matters to the planet, AAAS EurekaAlert

8/4/08 Aboard the Seamans, Monterey County Herald

7/31/08 Whte Shark Tagging, CBS 8 News,  CBS 8 Video

7/31/08 In Monterey Bay, a Mollusk Strays and Stays for Dinner, New York Times

7/15/08 New round of Environmental Venture Projects will focus on ocean and freshwater sustainability, Stanford News Service

7/15/08 Leatherback turtles' newly discovered migration route may be roadmap to salvation, Stanford News Service, San Francisco Chronicle, ScienceDaily

6/26/08 25-foot squid found in Monterey Bay, ABC News

5/20/08 Tagging Pacific Predators Quest - (KQED video clip)

5/1/08 Answering the Ocean’s SOS: Biologist Fiorenza Micheli takes a deep-sea census working with the new Center for Ocean Solutions, Stanford Magazine

4/1/08 The Fierce Humboldt Squid, Quest - (KQED video clip)

3/11/08 Garter snakes out-evolve food prey - newts, San Francisco Chronicle, Stanford News Service

3/5/08 Electronic tracking system allows scientists to tail white sharks more effectively, Stanford News Service, Monterey County Herald

2/27/08 To save or savor? Overfishing leads to precarious status of Atlantic bluefin tuna, Stanford News Service

2/20/08 Map is first to track global human influences on ocean ecosystems, New Scientist - EnvironmentStanford News Service

1/28/08 Jumbo Squid Following Low-Oxygen Zone, Sea Grant California

1/9/08 Stanford, Monterey Bay Aquarium and MBARI launch Center for Ocean Solutions, Stanford News Service, Monterey County WeeklyABC 7

11/23/07 Gray Whales A Fraction of historic levels, genetic research shows, Marine Animal News

11/18/07 Tracking the white shark, San Diego Union-Tribune

9/19/07 Mother Ocean needs a helping hand to battle pollution, abuse, SF Chronicle

9/15/07 A New Approach to Nature Shows: Shorter is sweeter, Stanford Magazine

9/10/07 Gray whale population way below historic levels, genetic research says, Stanford News Service, Mercury News, SF Chronicle, Video

8/27/07 Stanford Archaeologists Find 19th Century Remnants, KPIX CBS TV, KPIX CBS TV (video)

8/22/07 California's marine protection areas: a science-based investment in conservation, Stanford News Service

8/8/07 Slip Sliming Away Science News for Kids 8/5/07 Studies outline history of declining bluefin tuna, reveal migration secrets, CBC NewsCensus of Marine Life (pdf),   Census of Marine Life (video)

7/31/07 In Monterey Bay, a Mollusk Strays and Stays for Dinner, New York Times

7/26/07 History Burns, Monterey County Weekly

5/22/07 White Shark Tag Reveals Key Data, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey County Herald (5/23/07)

4/11/07 Great Turtle Race of 2007, Stanford News Service,  Great Turtle Race

3/30/07 Jumbo Squid Invading Eastern Pacific, National Geographic

3/12/07 Jumbo Squid, Sperm Whale Study Reveals How the Giant Creatures Feed, Hunt, National Geographic, Live Science, New Scientist

3/10/07 The amazing life of a local scientist (book review, Gene Haderlie biography by Mark Denny) Californian Online

3/8/07 Tracking sperm whales and jumbo squid: Scientists conduct first simultaneous tagging study of a deep-sea predator and its prey, Stanford News Service     

2/15/07 Outfall Fallout: Hopkins Marine Station struggles with state seawater discharge rules - Monterey County Weekly, Monterey County Weekly

1/1/07 Cannery Row Revisited - Bioscience

<11/2/06 Ocean study predicts the collapse of all seafood fisheries by 2050, Stanford News Service , BBC, San Francisco Chronicle

10/4/06 Sharks, whales and giant tuna to be featured topics at Hopkins Marine Station open house Oct. 14, Stanford News Service

10/1/06 Spiking High Schooler's Interests: Hopkins websites provide lessons in sea urchin reproduction, Stanford Alumni Magazine

7/28/06 Communicating Science (PISCO) - Oregon Public Broadcasting Radio

6/24/06 The Splendid Table: Steve Palumbi discusses Red Snapper DNA, Public Radio, Discovery Channel

5/19/06 Chinese Descendants Mark A Somber Milestone: Devastating 1906 Fire Wiped Out Chinese Fishing Village, CBS 5

3/1/06 Dave Epel named recipient of the 2006 Ed Ricketts Memorial Award for lifetime achievement in marine sciences, Stanford News Service

2/22/06 Marine Scientists look to the Bahamas as a Model for Coral Reef Conservation, Stanford News Service

1/25/06 Tuna Research & Conservation Center featured on PBS Nature production, Stanford News Service

1/25/06 Down by the Seashore - Students live, research at Hopkins - Stanford Daily News

1/16/06 A Warming World: The Difference a Degree Makes - Seashore Sea Change (San Francisco Chronicle), San Francisco Chronicle, Stanford News Service

1/5/06 How marine reserves are giving coral reefs a helping hand - Eureka Alert

1/1/06 What Sea Squirts Teach Us About Immunity - Stanford Alumni Magazine

12/1/05 Stem Cell Pioneers, Smithsonian Magazine

11/24/05 Stanford Study of the Sea Squirt Provides Clue to Human Immune System, Stanford News Service, Nature

10/7/05 Satellite technology allows scientists to track warm sharks in cold polar seas, Stanford News Service

8/9/05 Black Abalone Withering Towards Extinction, National Geographic

7/25/05 Watch Your Step: Study Shows Life in Tidal Areas at Risk, National Geographic, Pulse of the Planet

5/25/05 Librarian, Marine Biologist Finds Niche at Hopkins Stanford News Service

5/5/05 Tracking the Imperiled Bluefin from Ocean to Sushi Platter Pew Marine

5/4/05 Study: Better protections for bluefin tuna needed Stanford News Service

4/27/05 Te Vega reunion brings together seafaring students, old and new Stanford News Service

3/28/05 Scientists deliver plan for rescuing America's coral reefs Stanford News Service

3/10/05 Real Sea Monsters: The vicious giant Dosidicus gigas, the Humboldt squid, seems to be finding a new home right off our shores. Monterey County Weekly

2/23/05 Whale scientist Palumbi transforms controversy into conservation Stanford News Service, New Scientist

1/31/05 Too Many Sweet Smells? Monterey Herald

1/21/05 Musk Fragrances May Break Down Cells' Defenses Reuters

1/7/05 Musks in Fragrances May Weaken Immune System Healthday

12/15/04 The Downstream Dangers of Your Perfume Christian Science Monitor

11/3/04 Common household fragrances may be harming aquatic wildlife Stanford News Service, University of California, Agricultural and Natural Resources, California Sea Grant

10/19/04 Fastest Gun in the Sea Science Now

9/21/04 Revisiting Steinbeck and The Sea of Cortez Discover

7/21/04 Documenting sea life, life at sea aboard the Gus D Stanford News Service

5/13/04 A New Log From The Sea of Cortez: Science and adventure in the spirit of Steinbeck and Ricketts Coast Weekly

5/2/04 Sea Czar Won't Solve Our Problems Monterey Herald

4/28/04 Dave Epel receives award Stanford News Service

4/16/04 Hopkins Marine Station honored by the American Society for Microbiology Stanford News Service

3/26/04 Video clip of Sea of Cortex trip launch Stanford News Service

3/17/04 Fiorenza Micheli receives Aldo Leopold Leadership Fellowship Stanford News Service

3/10/04 Marine scientists study Bahamas reef ecosystems to save them Stanford News Service

2/25/04 Following a dream, and tuna, with electronic tagging Stanford News Service

2/10/04 Are Squid Vicious? - LA Times Los Angeles Times

1/1/04 American Society for Cell Biology Newsletter - Profile of David Epel ASCB

12/17/03 Dennis Powers, former director of Hopkins Marine Station, dies at 65 Stanford News Service, Stanford News Release

12/3/03 Voyage will retrace Steinbeck-Ricketts trip to Sea of Cortez, Stanford News Service,, NPR, Stanford News Service, Stanford Alumni Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle

12/3/03 Biological scientist goes to Sea of Cortez to unravel mysteries of Humboldt squid, Stanford News Service

10/25/03 Open House at Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford News Service

9/1/03 Troubed Waters: Flaws in the Fisheries Regulations are leadingto Disaster, Stanford Law Publications

7/24/03 Whale populations are too low to resume commercial hunting, geneticists find, Stanford News Service

7/3/03 Cold-climate creatures may be the ultimate survivors of global warming, study finds, Stanford News Service

5/15/03 Finicky snails provide new clues to the evolution of coastal ecosystems, Stanford News Service

4/11/03 Adapting to Climate Warming - Arctic Science Journeys, Sea Grant Alaska

2/17/03 Marine biologists work to solve 'black box' mysteries of oceanlife - AAAS conference, Stanford News Service, San Francisco Chronicle

1/1/03 Sea Searchers : Scientists launch a $1 billion effort to track marine life worldwide, Smithsonian Magazine

1/15/03 Ocean report calls for immediate creation of marine reserves along coastal U.S., Stanford News Report

12/6/02 'Mussels' Flex Data Muscle, Techtv, ABC News

11/1/02 Bay Watch: at Hopkins Marine Station scientists and students probe secrets of the sea., Stanford Alumni Magazine

9/1/02 Fishing for Global-Warming Clues - Stanford Alumni Magazine, Stanford Alumni Magazine

6/6/02 Conservations with a Tide Pool - TCU Magazine

2/22/02 The Shifting Sands of Monterey - San Francisco Chronicle

2/20/02 New solutions needed to prevent extinctions and sustainably manage marine resources, scientists say Stanford News Service

1/17/02 Olynpic 2002 torch passes through Hopkins Marine Station

1/2/02 Great white sharks migrate thousands of miles across the sea, new study finds Stanford News Service

12/6/01 Beware of leap year when predicting climate change Stanford News Report

10/25/01 Betting on climate change: Alaskan gambling contest yields treasure trove of scientific data Stanford News Report, ABC Net Australia

8/21/01 Study reveals migrations and breeding grounds of Atlantic bluefin tuna Stanford News Service, Stanford News Release

8/14/01 Researchers take floating laboratory for test drive on Monterey Bay Stanford News Service

6/6/01 Marine scientist Micheli uses hard science to restore fragile ocean habitats Stanford News Report

5/2/01 Hopkins Marine Station's dedication of Mazia Microscopy Center to include lecture Stanford News Report

3/28/01 Global Warming (from Lehrer News Hour) PBS Newshour

2/6/01 A New Cast of Creatures at Steinbeck's Monterey Bay (from New York Times) New York Times

11/29/00 Baldridges honored by the American Cetacean Society Stanford News Report

11/16/00 Tagging of Pacific Pelagics Workshop San Francisco Chronicle, Stanford News Report

11/15/00 Global warming: lessons taught by snails and crabs Stanford News Report

10/9/00 Hopkins Marine Station open to the public Oct. 21, 2000 Stanford News Service

8/2/00 Hopkins' Subtidal Communities course inspires book "The Living Bay"

8/2/00 Scientists discover key ingredient in sexual reproduction Stanford News Release

4/26/00 Stanford to launch new program in ocean sciences Stanford News Release, Stanford News Report

4/5/00 Purchase of historic homes eases the housing crunch at HopkinsStanford News Report

4/4/00 Creatures from the deep fight cancer and warn of environmental hazards Stanford News Release

4/00 Langstroth's book "The Living Bay" got its start with Hopkins' Subtidal Communities course Coastal Conservancy

3/22/00 Smart squid may unlock the secret of how animals and people learn Stanford News Release

2/17/99 Hopkins to share $17.7 million grant Stanford News Report

10/98 Sea Urchin Development web page review by ASCB ASCB Review

8/12/98 Keeping tags on tuna: Pop-up satellite technology successfully tracks migration Stanford News Report

6/9/98 President Clinton & Vice President Gore visit Hopkins Stanford News Release, Stanford Today

5/1/98 Tough Embryos Stanford Today

5/1/98 Current Research at the Tuna Research and Conservation Center ACS Monterey Bay

3/97 Implants for Tuna Stanford Today

8/29/96 Changes in tidepool animals at Hopkins Marine Station ACS Monterey Bay

6/6/96 DeNault building dedicated Stanford News Release

1996  Hopkins Marine Station: The Blue Revolution Research Channel